Thursday, 3 November 2011

Of Ice-Creams

No special occasion is  needed  to have ice-creams.Lick,slurp,bite and in a few moments it does cheer you up.I must say my favorite flavour was Black Currant till I came to Mumbai and tasted Naturals.

The first time I tried the tender coconut icecream, I knew that it had usurped the place that Black currant held on my taste buds.I love the Naturals Fresh Fruit ice creams.Watermelon and Mango come as close seconds for me.A friend of mine goes gaga over Sitaphal and Jackfruit.The other day I tried Anjeer and must say it was incredibly tasty.

The Nalen Gurer ice-cream that is available @ Oh! Calcutta is a rare delicacy.It reminds you of winter in Kolkata,the nolen Gur misthis and the paayesh that Ma prepares.The texture is interesting and you can feel the thickened milk on your tongue as you savour this ice cream. Good to have so many innovative flavours.

At Top 'N Town, the other day we had the Pineapple delight,Mango delight and Fresh Strawberry.What I secretly wanted there was a Kacchi Kairi Lollystick.Hmmm...will have to go back soon.

Nowadays Gelato's are doing good business ....How many prefer Gelato's to Ice-cream?

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  1. Tried the Royal Kulfi gelato at Inorbit...mmmmust say it was tooo good a gelato...just loved it!